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Aliveness Is Here….. Always

Forget about becoming nice, likeable, special, better than, free from, enlightened---give these ideas back. Freedom isn’t about becoming something, it’s about losing everything. For no one. It’s about giving everything back to the source which is actually who you are, it’s about surrendering to yourself. Apparently, because "yourself" is absolute mystery; complete not knowing.

Yourself---your true self---is here, is free, is radically alive, present and creating spontaneously. It's aliveness being alive. It's being boundless energy. Do you dare to make "this" your altar, make "what is" your 'god'---what’s actually happening? Or do you have to repetitively escape to thinking and imagining a future, praying for salvation or liberation in some distant place that is always just slightly out of "your" grip?

- Lisa Cairns (and Paul Ricken) -

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